Dr. Nancy E. Rolnik

Medical Doctor

Who is Dr. Rolnik?
Dr. Nancy Rolnik is a sports medicine physician whose passion is helping you stay active for life. As an athlete herself, she understands the hard work and dedication it takes to excel in sports and fitness. Unfortunately Dr. Rolnik also knows the pain of a sports injury and missing out. When she developed tennis elbow that worsened, she finally relied on a regenerative medicine to heal. She received PRP and she no longer suffered daily pain. As she has aged, as we all will do, she has had many different exercise related ailments. Sound familiar?

To help you get back to living that active life you love, she takes a holistic approach. Dr. Rolnik plans the best and quickest treatment that will get you back to sports or working out again without surgery or aggressive treatments. Most people want a fast fix but don’t want surgery if they can avoid it. Dr. Rolnik helps you get the fastest fix. When regular treatments don’t help enough, Dr. Rolnik offers cutting-edge regenerative injections to help your body heal. She doesn’t want you to just grin and ignore it. Don’t give up hope!

When Dr. Rolnik founded Remedy Sports and Regenerative Medicine, she had the opportunity to provide a unique kind of medical practice by incorporating nutrition with sports medicine. She treats her everyday athletes the same as her college or elite athletes. Nobody wants to waste time waiting around to get better. After your visit with Dr. Rolnik, you will have a plan of attack and be motivated to get better. She spends a lot of time with you and listens carefully. In addition, she discovers the source of your injury to address the problem of today and prevent further injury. Sound good to you? Her promotion of overall wellness and health gives you the tools you need to be your best.

Dr. Rolnik grew up near Chicago. She earned a BS in biochemistry from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. After graduating from Northwestern University Medical School in 1999, she spent the next 4 years advancing her knowledge and skills during her advanced training in both family and sports medicine. She loves science and knowing how things work. Dr. Rolnik attends top conferences and collaborates with top regenerative physicians and scientists to stay up to date with regenerative medicine treatments. She offers you the most safe and valuable regenerative treatments possible and adapts her treatment plans as the scientific evidence changes. She believes in ethical use of regenerative treatments and is part of the Orthobiologic Ethics Consortium.

Dr. Rolnik is an expert in diagnostic ultrasound and performs the majority of her injections using ultrasound guidance for better precision, efficacy and the least pain. Regenerative treatments change over time and Dr. Rolnik has mastered many treatments she feels will best help you. Not only does she provide treatments for muscle, tendon, joint and ligament damage, she also is skilled at regenerative treatments for hair and collagen loss. V

Dr. Rolnik has volunteered in many medical tents of major endurance and sporting events such as the Summer X-games, the CaliforniaMan, and the Chicago marathon and triathlon. She also remains very active in her community teaching at community organizations such as Rotary or PTA throughout the year. She feels that education about the body, injury prevention, and overall health is important.

In her free time, Dr. Rolnik loves to spending time with her husband, daughter and son. She loves to explore the world and engage in active adventures such as snorkeling, skiing, mountain biking and hiking.